Wednesday, November 22, 2017

This section of the website is going to show you how to join and to set up a donation page for your event, so that you have a convenient place online for your supporters to support your event. The first step of this is to head to and click 'sign up' at the top right of the page that loads. (If you have already made an account on justgiving, you can move ahead to the section on creating your event)

Clicking on 'Sign Up' will bring you to the registration page, which has the following box on it. You can register through Facebook (this will link the logged in Facebook on your computer or mobile device). Otherwise you can just simply fill in the information and click the blue Sign Up button.

After this has been completed (and JustGiving has accepted the information you have provided) you will notice the bar at the top of the page has changed, to build an event page you next need to press the orange Start Fundraising button.

JustGiving will ask you to complete your profile after you start fundraising, just simply fill in your address and click continue (if you don't have a postcode, click the blue text that says 'fill in address manually' and you will be able to type an address in without a postcode)

After hitting, continue you will see a search bar near the top of the page, enter 'Action MS' into this and click the search button.

The results of that search will put Action MS right at the top of the list, click our name and it will load the next step.

The next step will bring you to a page to build your event, there are four choices for the type of event it is; 'Taking part in an organised event' - this is for joining in with an already established event (like the Belfast City Marathon). 'Celebrating an occasion' - this is exactly as it sounds, you are fundraising whilst celebrating a particular occasion. 'Remembering someone' - this event is for remembrance of someone and you wish to fund-raise for a charity in their name. 'Doing your own thing' - this is for when you just simply want to run an event yourself just to raise funds for your charity.

Below is the page you see if you were to select personal challenge, it is suggested you pick a unique name and address for your event while trying to keep it memorable so that people can easily find their way to your page.

This is the page you will see if you pick to take part in an organised event, JustGiving will suggest a few events near your location, if you can't see the one you want then use the search option to find it. If you still can't find it, odds are they haven't made an event on JustGiving so it would be best if you just made your own event with a similar name.

This is the page you would see if you were to create a page to celebrate something, JustGiving has a fairly limited selection of 'occasions' so if you can't find one that suits, then simply create your own event and in the description of it let everyone know what the event is celebrating.

This is the page you will see if you are creating an event in remembrance of someone, just enter the details of the person and create the event as normal.